Application Solutions

Vicostone Ultrathin is the best food-safe surface choice for the kitchen due to its non porousity and stain resistance. It also allows low maintenence and easy installation in a large surface with no cuts, no joints and no limits. The improvement in patterns and finishes of Vicostone Ultrathin, which is nature-inspired, fits different interior design styles and brings pleasant feeling for the family.

Remodelling interior designs

VICOSTONE Ultrathin quartz creates more opportunities for old furniture renovations and evokes new design ideas by being able to attach on different substrates such as wood or metal. Besides its decoration purpose, the fusion increases durability for the materials
Vicostone Ultrathin is ultra-resistant to moisture and stain, ideal for bathroom spaces. Its high performance level does not require any specific maintenance beyond a soft wet cloth. The large size of the products, up to 119”x56”, is a suitable for bathroom cladding, which needs less joints and dirt from the surfaces.
Known for high durability, low maintenance and hygiene level, VICOSTONE Ultrathin is the best product for the commercial projects. Its thickness is optimal for WALL PANELLING and FLOOR CLADDING in hotel or mall hall
Vicostone Ultrathin has the ability to convert the furniture of your home into the new appearance with endless beauty and charm, from round cocktail tables to non scratch doors, etc thanks to its cut-to-size option. With Vicostone Ultrathin slabs, the design possibilities are unlimited.