Care & Maintenance

Caring for your Vicostone quartz surfaces

- Vicostone Ultrathin can not stand alone, remember always use Vicostone Ultrathin with substrate as woods or metallic materials

- Use a mild soap with water for daily routine cleaning and rinse thoroughly. For tougher spills and messes, non-abrasive cleansers with a neutral pH (pH between 6 and 8) are recommended. For dried or hardened stains, simply scrape off the mess with a utility blade or plastic scraper. Use denatured alcohol or Vicostone cleaner to help break down the problem area and scrub with a non-scratch pad. Again, make sure to rinse thoroughly after using any cleaning products.

- Never use abrasive or heavy-duty chemicals such as acetone, paint thinner or bleach on Vicostone Ultrathin.

- Always use a heat pad or trivet when placing hot cookware on Vicostone Ultrathin. Sustained, localized heat from slow cookers or other electric appliances that emit heat will cause thermal shock and crack the stone. Place a cutting board, heat pad or trivet under your slow cooker to avoid permanent damage.

- It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight over a prolonged period on the surfaces.

- Maintenance of floors: VICOSTONE Ultrathin can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild household detergent, using a standard mop.

- Do not cut directly on Vicostone Ultrathin. Always use a cutting board and avoid dropping sharp knives and tools on the surface. Vicostone is scratch and chip resistant, but it is not damage proof.

- Finishes other than polished surfaces can show more signs of daily life activities such as finger prints, hard water residues, etc. Hence these surfaces will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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Vicostone quartz surfaces only require soap and water for normal day to day cleaning. It is advisable not to use hydro fluoric acid, any product containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride and paint strippers.
Vicostone quartz surfaces are designed and manufactured to withstand moderate heat and the product is not heat proof. We always recommend using a hot pad or trivet when setting down hot pans or cooking plates on your countertops.
Common kitchen implements including sharp knives won’t harm the Vicostone quartz surfaces. Continued use of kitchen knives on the bench tops could dull the polished surface. Care should be exercised when moving heavy objects and avoid dropping heavy kitchen tools.

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Vicostone Ultrathin is the best food-safe surface choice for the kitchen due to its non porousity and stain resistance.