Rusty BQ5291

Inspired by the metallic looking in modern designs or industrial style, Vicostone Ultrathin Rusty is even more unique with musty metallic color veins on the bright background.



Normal size 144cm x 305cm (119” x 56”)


5mm (3/16'')


Similar quartz surfaces

Materica BQ5261
Inspired by the concrete looking in modern designs or bold urban-industrial style, Vicostone Ultrathin Materica is even more unique with light and dark movements of veins.
Terra Blue BQ5732
Inspired by the terrazzo looking in vintage and transitional designs, Vicostone Ultrathin Terra Blue is a  harmonious combination of medium white chunks and stong blue background
Meteor Garden BQ5970
Inspired by meteor nights, Vicsotone Ultrathin Meteor Garden recreate the beauty of nature with deep black backgound and soft white veins as meteors crossing the sky