Introducing VICOSTONE® Ultra-thin

The world leading ultra-thin quartz slab product


Special Thickness

VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz slabs are ideal for covering large interior design surfaces with only 5mm thickness
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VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz slabs applies a specialized process to LESSEN DUST RELEASE when manufacturing, fabricating (cutting) and installing, making it even MORE ENERGY-SAVING and ECO-FRIENDLY
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Special application

VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz’s 5-mm thickness offers a variety of  applications for interior  design: from kitchen countertops, back-splash, bathroom vanities, BATHROOM & SHOWER  WALLS, cabinets cladding and WALL PANELING to some special applications such as ROUND  cocktail tables in the hospitality industry or cruise ships vanities in the boating industry…
VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz creates more opportunities for old furniture renovations and evokes new design ideas by being able to attach on different substrates such as wood or metal. Besides its decoration purpose, the fusion increases durability for the materials.

Quartz beauty and
quality inheritance

VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz  inherits the endless charm from Quartz surface products with a  wide color palette and  innovative designs including marble effect, granite look,  concrete, sparkling, terrazzo looking and mono vein. The outstanding characteristics of traditional products stay unchanged in Vicostone Ultrathin.
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Be resistant to scratch, heat, impact and the corrosive chemical agents such as: acids, common cleaning solvents.

Low maintenance

Be stain resistant and easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water.


Be safe for indoor air quality of commercial and residential facilities as well as for children and schools

Color and collection

VICOSTONE® Ultrathin quartz’ graceful colors give an endless charm for all surfaces. The collection reflects the modern style and trends that leading architects and designers prefer and expect.